A message about parking tomorrow and further games moving forward at Leylands Park from Vince Alfieri.

We are so proud and grateful to our wonderful fans who support us in large numbers in matches both home and away.

We recently had a meeting with local residents to the football club and it was great to hear how supportive they are of the growth plans for the football club that we shared with them.

An issue that the football club is working on with the residents and council is to improve the parking on match days. There are a number of initiatives we are looking to bring in next season, however for safety, we will immediately put cones on street corners to deter people from parking there. When cars do park on street corners, local residents cannot see enough to be able to drive out of their roads safely and therefore, we want to help out as much as we can.

Also, with the weather being a bit warmer, there maybe good opportunity for people to travel on foot where possible or public transport to the ground.

We just wanted to let everyone know of the parking advice in advance, we look forward to welcoming you to Leylands Park tomorrow!