This is a great way to support the development of your local club and to give yourself a chance to win a fantastic cash prize in our monthly draw.

Joining Details

The attached agreement (in either .doc or .pdf formats) must be signed in acceptance of the Rules and the standing order mandate completed. Please ensure you complete all sections apart from the ‘reference’, which will be completed with your membership details. Return these forms to either: Phil Harvey, 16 Park Close, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 8HL or John Buck, 41 Nightingale Lane, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9JH.

An outlay of £5 per month will secure your entry into the monthly draw with a chance to win a share of the prizes
The monthly amount of £5 will be payable by standing order, from your Bank account, to assist in the administration and to ensure there are no doubts as to who has paid. You will then be given a membership number, the same for each draw, a list of which will be held on the Club Noticeboard.


The results of each draw will be notified to individual members and posted on the Club Noticeboard. During the football season, the results will be published in the Club Matchday Programme and they will also be posted on the Club website.

Anyone who would like the results by email please email Phil at

Member’s change of circumstances …
Please advise Phil (Tel 01444 242135 or 07809123592) or John (Tel 014442
35650) if you want to update your membership details.

Rules of the 400 Club

The official name will be ‘Burgess Hill Town Football Club ~ 400 Club’. If the membership exceeds 400 members the name will change to ‘The 500 Club’, and so on.

A separate Bank account will be kept at Santander, Burgess Hill Branch. One of three authorised signatures will be required to operate the account. The authorised signatories will be at the discretion of the Management & Directors. They are currently John Rattle, Phil Harvey and John Buck

A monthly amount of £5.00 (five pounds) will be payable on the 1st of each month as membership to the ‘400 Club’. This will be payable by standing order only.

The draw will take place on the last Friday monthly at the Clubhouse between 8-9 pm, unless otherwise duly notified.

Following the deduction of any expenses 50% of all receipts will remain in the Bank account and will go towards the development of Burgess Hill Town Football Club. At the discretion of the Management & Directors. 50% of the remaining receipts will be distributed as winning prizes to be divided as follows: – 10% to be accrued and drawn each Christmas, and the remaining 40% to be divided between the monthly prizes.

These monthly prizes will always be paid by cheque and will be available for payout immediately after the monthly draw at The Clubhouse.

Membership will be from individuals only. Each family member must pay a separate amount.

If the £5 monthly subscription has not been received in any month you will not be eligible for the draw that month.

The Rules of The ‘400 Club’ may be changed by the Management & Directors on a majority vote and minuted at the respective meeting. Any changes will be published on the Club Noticeboard.

Admission Prices

Adults — £6.00
Concessions — £4.00

400 Club Application Form