10 years ago Jason Hopper, an ex-goalkeeper started training young goalkeepers at Burgess Hill Town FC with a mindset that he wanted goalkeepers to begin in goal and not play in every position before they ended up in goal. Each week at least 10 Goalkeepers of all age groups would attend these really fun sessions. The numbers increased each week and in 2022 The Burgess Hill Town Academy of Goalkeepers ‘The Stopper Squad’ was formed.

Over the last two seasons the registrations have grown and grown. This new season there are over 40 registered children which is a wonderful achievement. You can’t miss the coaches and the Goalkeepers in their bright orange Stopper Squad kits.

Stopper Squad sessions run every Saturday from 9.00am-10.00am and 10.00am- 11.00am. There are all girl sessions, older age group sessions. Goalkeepers are welcome from other clubs. They have a ball launcher, deflector matts and of course orange footballs.

The Stopper Squad focuses on all areas of Goalkeeping. They have 8 coaches all passionate about developing the Keepers.

They run half term and Summer Camps 9.00am-1.00pm which are also open again to Goalkeepers from other clubs.

The Stopper Squad is all about developing Goalkeepers from an early age and having lots of fun. The coaches have bags of energy and put a lot of effort into their work ensuring each week’s sessions are varied and challenging.

With thanks to our SS coaches, Si C, Oli F, Si B, Sacha F, Paul F, Jane H, and Henry A.

If you interested in your child joining the Stopper Squad please email jayhopperstoppersquad@gmail.com