Watch out for the Smash Burger!

Hungry Monday club volunteers were in invited to the Back of the Net serving hatch (24/6) to sample some of the new menu and give their feedback. After being served a wonderful traditional football style meal there was general positivity. The smash burger won particular praise!

We caught up with the pair earlier in the day, an interview can be seen attached to this piece. Michelle explained ‘This is a new venture for us but we aim to provide hot, tasty meals without lengthy ques that are good value for money.  We hope that fans will come along and try out our food but please bear with us as we bed in’.  Terry will be in charge of most of the cooking, but his skill sets are far and varied. The retired long-distance driver is an accomplished handy man and has recently thrown himself into renovating the outlet interior. He has made an outstanding job as the place looks clear, airy and modern. He said ‘I have enjoyed working on this building, but it has been a real challenge. We now hope that fans will come along, and both enjoy their meal and the football’

Back of the Net has been in operation for best part of a decade and its part and parcel of a good day out at the Hill. Many fans relying on the outlet for their pre-match and or half time meal.  It’s been quite an integral part of the match day experience. However, in all truth time hasn’t been kind to the outlet and our new Co Owner David Corney was keen to improve matters. He said ‘we want a food outlet fit for purpose and something that we can all be proud of, we hope that fans will be pleased with what we have done’.  It can be revealed that several members of the Monday Club, in particular Bob Muddel, have been working hard on the exterior. All the moss and detritus has been scraped away and the weather boards have been freshly undercoated and repainted. The serving hatch lightning has been cleared and resecured. It is hoped that the  building has been given a whole new lease of life!

As to the menu fans will be able to enjoy very traditional football fair with the usual condiments table on offer. There is a very tasty Lincolnshire sausage in a baguette, good quality chips and cheesy chips. However, the star item will undoubtably be the ‘smash burger’ served in a brioche bap with optional cheese, onions and tomato slice.  It’s a tic tok phenomenal where a mince beef ball is ‘smashed’ onto the grill with a spatula. Smashing the burger results in a sear on the outside but locks in the juices and flavours. The results are an amazing burger experience as volunteer Lynda Shindler explains ‘the food was lovely but that smash burger was excellent!’

Just to note that the outlet will be concentrating on hot food and cold drinks only. Pies, Pasties, coffee, tea and sweets will be available from other outlets.

Our new Back of the Net managers will face their first big test on Saturday 13th July 2024 when a large hungry crowd is expected for the eagerly awaited preseason visit of Brighton and Hove Albion Fc. Its sure to be a true test and learning experience for the duo. Please bear with as they take control of their first ‘covers’ and please be ready to give first hand advice and feed back both positive or negative.

From everyone connected to BHTFC we wish Michelle and Terry every success with their new adventure. You guys are now part of the team!

Colin Bowman 23/06/2024