Whilst the rest of the footballing world has a rest, BHTFC volunteers roll on. What makes our club so special is the willingness of the volunteers to just making sure the club is prepared for the new season.

Today was just an example of what a day with the volunteers is like. From planning various projects, to making sure the areas are being cleaned and kept tidy.

To help our team on the field, planning the tactical room for the manager is being worked on, the goalposts have to be rubbed down and prepared for painting and it’s not just the men doing this.

Lynda and Nat were showing the men how tough they were which goes to show we are an inclusive team of workers.

At some point we are going to ask other volunteers or just followers of BHTFC to help with painting the inner perimeters, painting the club sheds and canteens but we will keep you informed of that.

We want not only a clean and presentable club but we want the players to know they are going to have a superb playing service in the coming season.

As we said thank you for your support over the past season, we will be looking to you to give the lads a wonderful welcome and start to the new season.