I’ve been at Burgess Hill 2 years now and have loved every minute of my time here. Firstly, my experiences to date with the fans, players and staff have been amazing and have helped me establish a special bond with the club. I am also hugely excited to hear the new plans and what the club is now aiming to achieve in progressing toward being a true community HUB and take the club on to the next level.

We have one of the best fan bases in non league football! This meant when Vince offered me the role as Manager, it was a no brainer! This is an amazing opportunity and I truly feel privileged and humbled to be the manager of Burgess Hill Town Football Club. I am very confident in my ability as a manager and leader, I’ve had a long career in professional and semi profession football, been in many dressing rooms and have experienced what it takes to operate successful teams. I’ve also got a great number 2 in Dean Sammut who I have previously worked with and known for many years.

We announced this to the players on Tuesday which was really positive and I’m now looking forward to working with them for the next 7 games and we will end the season on a high!

Hillians, get ready to get behind all the boys, we will give everything for OUR fans and OUR club!”