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Public Apology

Burgess Hill Town Football Club would like to apologise for an incident which occurred at around 1pm this afternoon.

The club’s official Twitter account was hacked, with a series of inappropriate tweets/direct messages being sent from the account, as well as tweets being deleted, and all the accounts the club follow being unfollowed. The club has since regained full control of the account, and is ensuring robust security measures are in place, to ensure this never happens again.

As a club, we pride ourselves on professionalism both on and off the pitch, and have made great strides over the past 12 months to increase our ‘professional reputation’, which has seen the success of the Aldridge/BHTFC Academy partnership, the employment of YOURINSTANTREPLAY for all match highlights, and improvements made to the club’s social media outlets and website.

As a club, we extend our apologies to anybody who may have been affected by this act, and our main priority now, is to regain our professional reputation.


Burgess Hill Town Football Club


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